Sarasota County SWAT Sponsors “Tobacco Tales” Plays in Conjunction with Kick Butts Day

Sarasota County SWAT is teaming up with The SOURCE Theatre to bring the play Tobacco Tales to four local schools. Performances will be held at Pine View School, Heron Creek Middle School, Venice Middle School, and Sarasota Middle School.

Tobacco Tales is a factual and entertaining presentation performed by The SOURCE Theatre, a group of trained high school actors/educators, that delivers a powerful anti-tobacco message specifically designed for middle school students. Tobacco Tales presents vital facts and dramatic scenarios on how smoking and the use of tobacco products has a profound impact on our health and the health of loved ones with a powerful message of how to recognize and resist the pressure to use tobacco products. For more information on The SOURCE Theatre, please visit their website.

SWAT is sponsoring these performances of Tobacco Tales in conjunction with Kick Butts Day. Kick Butts Day is a national day of activism that empowers youth to stand out, speak up, and seize control against Big Tobacco. SWAT youth throughout Sarasota County will hold activities to raise awareness of the dangers of tobacco use among their peers and community members. For more information on Kick Butts Day, please visit the official website.