Through With Chew Week -February 19-23

Last week from February 19-23 was Through With Chew Week 2018. This national observance is held every year to raise awareness on the harmful effects of smokeless tobacco products such as chew, dip, and snuff. Just because these products don’t involve any smoke doesn’t mean they are harmless. There are several serious health risks associated with smokeless tobacco products including cancer, increased risk of heart attack and stroke, tooth decay, and other oral problems. Sarasota County SWAT clubs held activities to raise awareness on smokeless tobacco products. Lee Wetherington Boys and Girls club and Venice Middle School SWAT groups created posters to display the harmful effects of smokeless tobacco products to their peers. Sarasota Middle School SWAT club played a game with hula-hoops to convey the message for students not to get hooked on tobacco products.