SWAT Member to Receive Sarasota Student Shining Star Award

Zachary Raphael, president of the Sarasota Middle School SWAT club, will receive the Sarasota Student Shining Star Award on March 21st from the Sarasota Coalition on Substance Abuse. This award will be presented at the 8th Annual Sarasota Shining Stars Recognition and Awards Luncheon. The Shining Star Award is given to students who have worked […]

Candy Flavored Tobacco Resolution Passed by Sarasota City Commission

At the Sarasota City Commission meeting on Monday, November 5th, SWAT members from Pine View School, Sarasota Middle School, and Lee Wetherington Boys and Girls Club presented to the Commission on the issue of candy flavored tobacco products. The Sarasota City Commission then voted to pass a resolution discouraging local vendors from selling these products […]

Sarasota County SWAT to Present at Sarasota City Commission Meeting

The Sarasota County SWAT is scheduled to present to the Sarasota City Commission on the topic of candy flavored tobacco products. This will be done to further the efforts of SWAT to pass resolutions against the sale and purchase of candy flavored tobacco products throughout Sarasota County. Resolutions have already been passed by the Sarasota County […]

Counter Tobacco Photo Contest!

Countertobacco.org is hosting a photo contest! Enter your own photos of tobacco product advertisements, specialized branded displays, price discounts or other promotions. You’ll find signs and other marketing materials for cigarettes, little cigars, cigarillos, smokeless tobacco, e-cigarettes and more. The Surgeon General says that exposure to retail marketing encourages smoking and makes it harder to […]

More News on Tobacco Free Schools in Sarasota County

On Tuesday, September 4th the issue regarding Sarasota County’s school tobacco policy was brought to the forefront of the Sarasota County School Board meeting. SWAT and the Sarasota County Tobacco Free Partnership demonstrated their support for a 100% tobacco free campus policy. To learn more about the meeting and the current tobacco use policy please read […]

Article on Tobacco Free Schools in Sarasota County

On August 22nd, an article was published on Patch.com concerning the school tobacco policy in Sarasota County. This is a big step forward since SWAT has been working on this issue locally for several years. You can read the full article here: School Campuses Eliminating Teacher Smoking Areas. SWAT will continue to work on this issue, and we encourage parents to find out […]